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Dad and Son Each Sit with their Harvested Turkeys

Tips for Taking Your Kid Turkey Hunting

Taking your youngster turkey hunting can not only provide you both with wonderful memories, but can instill within the child a lifelong passion for a sport that you can enjoy together for years to come. Realistic expectations for your first experience are key to making both a reality. Your frame of mind will determine if your child enjoys his or her first turkey-hunt, but whether or not the child wants to continue pursuing the sport.

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Hunter Carrying Many Different Types of Turkey Calls

Different Arsenals For Different Days

No day is the same in the turkey woods. Just because your calling tactics worked for you one day doesn’t mean that they’ll work the next. While you can’t account for every single influence that may affect a gobbler’s behavior, you can adjust your calling to get the best results for the weather and breeding conditions.   

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Hunter Carrying Out Harvested Turkey

Turkey Vest Essentials

It can be really easy to bring too much or even leave out some vital items that can potentially make or break your turkey hunt. Here is a basic but essential must-pack list for your turkey vest that will have you more than ready for anything this spring. 

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