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Turkey Vest Essentials

As hardcore turkey hunters, we have a crazy amount of gear, equipment and calls to pack into the woods. The truth is it can be really easy to bring too much or even leave out some vital items that can potentially make or break your hunt. With that being said, let’s break down an essential must-pack list for your turkey vest that will have you more than ready for anything that spring can throw at you. 

1. Friction Calls – one box, slate, crystal and glass call with a variety of strikers. Make sure at least one striker has a waterproof tip. 

2. Mouth Diaphragm Calls – bring several diaphragm calls with different cuts to produce a variety of tones and cadences.

3. Tube Call – a very versatile call that generates a wide range of hen vocalizations and longbeard gobbles.

4. Locator Calls – pack at least one crow, owl, gobble and woodpecker/hawk shock call to locate gobblers.

5. Call Conditioner – to keep all of your friction calls clean and sounding good.

6. Range-Finder – to take the guesswork out of judging shooting yardage.

7. Compact Binoculars – to locate turkeys and determine their line of travel.  

8. Packable Rain Suit – to keep you and your gear dry during sporadic spring showers.

9. Decoy – to give gobblers a visual confirmation and attract turkeys from long distances.

10. Extra Shells – in case of a possible miss or bad shot.

11. Thermacell – to keep mosquitoes and other biting insects from ruining your hunt.

12. Facemask & Gloves – for complete concealment of hands and face.

13. TP & Ziploc Bag – for when nature calls.

14. Water-Bottle & Snack – to help you get through extended or all-day hunts.  

15. Small Flashlight – for pre-dawn and after dark use.