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Mid And Late Season Turkey Tactics

Mid Season Turkey Tactics


As you transition to mid and late season turkey hunting, remember that this can be a very tough time to attract a pressured Tom. Hunters must be persistent and overcome the physical and mental tests that a hunting season brings with it.  As the season wears on many of the hens are ready to breed and spending nearly all day with the gobblers. This time of the season can find the turkeys being fairly quiet with their calling. Hens don’t call much and gobblers generally do not vocalize at all except on the roost. In order to give yourself the best opportunity, set up very close to where you think the turkeys will be and be very patient with your calling. With the spring woods thickening it is easier for hunters to move in and set up closer to birds.

Do your homework and find out where the turkeys are during the day and spend lots of time sitting in areas turkeys are known to frequently visit. Generally, the key to getting it done in the mid season is to utilize soft calling techniques such as quiet purrs, clucks, and soft yelps.  

Come mid to late season many hens have started nesting, or will leave the gobbler at midday to go lay an egg. This leaves that longbeard lonely and on the lookout for more hens to breed with. This can create an advantage for the hunter who can sound like a hot hen, as the gobbler may come looking for you.

This is also a great time for some run and gun hunting, as the birds are moving during the day. Be sure to take a variety of calls with you so that if he doesn't like the sound of your first hen imitation you can lure him in with another.

Mid Season Turkey hunting involves a rise in temperatures, thicker scenery, and a shift in tactics. At this point in the season it is important for hunters to be on top of their game and have confidence in their decision-making abilities. Mistakes that were forgiven in the early season can quickly cost you a gobbler now. Be patient and persistent and let perseverance lead the way to a successful mid to late season turkey hunt.