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Venison On a Plate

Costly Mistakes = Bad Tasting Venison

Great tasting venison is a delicious pay-off after waiting hours for the perfect whitetail. Mistakes made during and after the hunt can ruin meat, but our tips will ensure you get quality cuts. Tip #1: After field-dressing the deer, allow meat to cool quickly to keep internal bleeding, bacteria, and gases from spoiling its taste. Tip #2: Properly wrap venison in freezer paper or a vacuum-sealed container to prevent freezer burn—always date and label your packages. To check out more of our advice, read the full story at

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Man Holding Harvested Turkey

Turkey Pro’s No. 1 Call Choices

Just about every hardcore gobbling addict carries a complete arsenal of turkey calls with them into the field during the spring. Their vests are usually weighted down with a variety of friction and mouth diaphragm calls that produce a wide range of tones, cadences and vocalizations. However, if some of today's top turkey hunters were told that they could only pack a single call into the woods this spring, which one would they choose and why?

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Food Plot Maintenance

Winter Food Plot Maintenance

Attracting deer to your property year-round is the first step to a successful hunting season. Many hunters neglect food plots during the winter months, which allows deer to seek food and shelter in other places. Counteract this behavior by maintaining a food plot that produces a variety of winter plants. Densely covered thickets where deer seek warmth are the perfect place for new plots. Test the soil’s pH and fertility to determine if fertilizer and lime pellets are needed for greater yield. Till soil, plant seeds, then watch as deer make your land their home. For more winter food plot tips, read the full story at

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Two Whitetail Deer, One Buck and One Doe

7 Secrets For Yearlong Success

Avid hunters know that opportunities for tagging impressive whitetail don’t come often. Bring deer to your property year-round to increase your chances of getting the big bucks during regular season. Deer seek water and food sources, so adding a watering hole and a variety of plants to your property is a good strategy for keeping them out of your neighbor’s yard. Create wooded sanctuaries where deer hide during weeks of intense hunting pressure—bucks will feel safe, and you’ll have an advantage over them. For more deer hunting tips, read the full story at

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Bull Elk Harvested by Man in Colorado

Colorado Bull Elk Hunt of a Lifetime

It took John Skrabo, our Vice President of Marketing, eight years to draw an archery elk tag in a limited unit in Colorado. "I knew it would be the hunt of a lifetime," said Skrabo, who has bowhunted elk in every western state except Arizona. Skrabo headed out in September to the Aspen forests of western Colorado to hunt with longtime friend, Jim Birchfield of South Carolina. John hunted with Jim's brother, Lynn, who is a savvy woodsman himself. The pair made a great combination with Skrabo's bugling and cow calling and Birchfield's knowledge of the country.

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Duck Hunters and Decoys

Put The Duck In Your Duck Call

If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, well you know how the rest of the saying goes. This really hits home for hardcore duck fanatics that know how to quack the quack! The deadliest hunters in the blind know exactly how to sweet talk, convince and persuade ducks to fly right down their barrels. Here is calling expert Harold Knight’s take on how to translate and replicate a duck’s vocabulary.

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