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Post Recovery Checklist

Once the blood-trailing and tracking are over, be sure to run through this post-recovery checklist before making your next move.

  • Make sure the deer is legally tagged before moving or field-dressing. Regulations and tagging procedures can vary from state-to-state, which means you need to know the laws and requirements of the particular area you’re currently hunting.
  • In order to be safe, always wear hunter orange when field-dressing or transporting the deer back to your vehicle or ATV, especially during the modern gun season.
  • It’s not a bad idea to carry an extra orange vest and securely attach it around the antlers or head of the deer.
  • Check your pack for all field-dressing tools that will be needed for the job – sharp knife, field-dressing glove and bone-saw. A bone-saw is a great tool for quartering a deer that has been taken miles away from camp or your vehicle.
  • Lugging a lot of dead weight through the woods can be extremely demanding. This is exactly why you need to strategically plan and execute your deer dragging route. A well planned route will enable you to avoid natural obstacles such as uphill terrain, cliff-lines, briar thickets and swamps.