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New For 2016 Turkey Calls


Turkey Season Brings Out Our Obsessiveness.

Three new products and the return of two legends with enhanced features.



3-in-1 Box Call

Three distinct hen tones in one patented quick-release system gives the Switchblade™ three times more tom calling effectiveness. The box call has never been so versatile.

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Technology Without Batteries

With its patent-pending internal resonator, the Echotech™ pot call striker makes all friction calls better. Waterproof tip works in all weather conditions on glass, crystal, slate, aluminum, and ceramic surfaces.

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Ol' Yeller Classic

Return of the Prodigal Son

Back by popular demand, the Ol' Yeller Classic combines the original calling surface that made it so effective with an enhanced slate sound board for richer and more natural tones.

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Last Call

Call in the Closer

Hand made out of American Walnut the Last Call sounds as good as it looks. Perfect for one-handed calling to pull gobblers into gun range with minimal movement.

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Dual Threat

Double Your Success

Glass for locator calling and a slate for sweet talking those final yards give you more calls with less equipment. The included Echotech Striker makes this a deadly combination for any turkey woods.

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