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Echotech Turkey Pot Call Striker

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SKU: KHT1008-T

Using a patent-pending vibration generation technology this weatherproof striker makes any friction call sound way better!

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Featuring a patent-pending internal resonator that dramatically increases contact between the striker and calling surface, the easy-to-use Echotech works with pot calls of all surface materials. Made from a proprietary hardwood veneer impregnated with resins for increased strength, the Echotech is as durable as it is forgiving, easily producing precise, natural tones on any calling surface, regardless of your experience level.

  • Improves the sound quality and vocalization realism of all friction calls: glass, crystal, slate, aluminum and ceramic 
  • Patent-pending internal resonator allows more forgiving contact and a cleaner, quicker surface reaction, creating more natural, precise tones 
  • Easy to operate with precision; suitable for beginner and intermediate callers 
  • Waterproof tip and sturdy Diamondwood construction for season-after-season use

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