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When Ground Blinds Meet Run & Gun Tactics

Run and hide. New tactics take new tools.

Turkey hunting has a great heritage, yet it continues to evolve as a sport. For proof of its evolution all you need to do is look at the increasing popularity of run & gun type tactics. While the traditional image of the turkey hunter remains one of motionless patience, we are all more likely to bag that next gobbler using walking and calling techniques. As our tactics change our gear also needs to change also. To cover a lot of ground you’ve got to travel light, and that means taking a good hard look at what you’re carrying. Portability and versatility are two of the chief attributes of the best run & gun gear. Even though you may find yourself not spending as much time in one as you used to, a blind is still important for run & gun tactics--if it doesn’t slow you down.

Re-thinking the blind.

When you think of a turkey blind you usually think of a burden to carry, parts to assemble, and less than slim pack down dimensions. Easy transportability doesn’t come to mind. Fortunately, with a little ingenuity, Knight & Hale has come up with the perfect run & gun blind. The Umbrella Blind is the result of our evolving methods. Walk up on a flock and need quick concealment? Know how to operate an umbrella? In just seconds you’ve got a blind when you need it, anywhere you need it. When open the Umbrella Blind forms a half circle measuring 45” wide and 38” tall. Yet, it can be easily stored in your pack. Three windows with magnetic closures for quiet operation let you keep an eye out. And no matter where your pursuit takes you, the versatility of Realtree Xtra® makes the Umbrella Blind ideal concealment.

Re-thinking the uses of a blind.

An Umbrella Blind is small enough that every hunter can easily carry their own, adding flexibility to your tactics. Now your hunting partner doesn’t have to be in the same blind. Once you’ve found the birds, you can spread out to increase your odds. Whether working together or every man for himself, the Umbrella Blind gives hunters more options in the field. If you’ve ever taken a kid hunting during turkey season, you know the challenge of keeping them still (actually, adults can have the same issue). An Umbrella Blind is big enough to conceal a restless hunter while you work the call from your own blind. That same flexibility of having individual, quick setup blinds makes the Umbrella Blind ideal for guided hunts.

Run & gun techniques are bringing more opportunities to the turkey hunter. And the gear they’ll choose is the gear that best meets their needs. The Umbrella Blind is the solution for where hunters are going.