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How To Maintain And Store Your Turkey Calls

With the sounds of shotgun blasts in the spring turkey woods dissipating, it is time to think about where your turkey calls will spend the days until next year’s turkey season. Chris Parrish has won 10 Grand National Turkey Calling Championships and filled turkey tags all over the country. Whether his competition is a stubborn longbeard or a human competitor, it is vital that his calls be in superior working condition year after year. Proper maintenance and storage will help preserve the performance of your favorite turkey call.  We recently spoke with Chris to see how he would be storing his calls after a successful spring turkey season.

Mouth calls

“Wash in cool water - If you want to disinfect, use a 5% mouthwash in 95% water solution, then rinse in cool water. Atfter disinfecting let your call air-dry then pick the top reed with a flat toothpick and store in the refrigerator.“

Pot / Friction calls

“Wipe surface with a damp clean cloth and let dry. Store in a friction calls case with your strikers. Make sure they are at room temperature - nothing over 85 degrees.”

Box call

“I like to wipe chalk clean and use violin rosin on the paddle and sides. After applying rosin, reapply chalk and store in a cool dry place.”

Utilize these tips to properly store your turkey calls after turkey season and you will thank us next spring!