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Knight & Hale Magnum Crow Turkey Locator Call

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Knight & Hale Magnum Crow Turkey Locator Call

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Locate call-shy longbeards with the Magnum Crow Call, which produces authentic, high-volume crow calls with ease.

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Imitate both young crow sounds and the raspy vocalizations of fighting adult crows with this easy-to-use turkey locator call. Now producing more volume than ever before, the Magnum Crow Call allows you to accurately reproduce all the sounds in a crow’s repertoire in no time. Once you master the Magnum, you’ll be able to generate massive volume and unmatched realism to help pinpoint taciturn toms, especially during the morning and afternoon, when crows are naturally at their most vocal.

  • Shocks tight-beaked turkeys into giving up their location while calling in swarms of crows
  • Creates deep, gravelly caws and raspy tones that compel gobblers and crows to answer, even on nonvocal days
  • Enhanced, thicker call chamber generates ultra-clear sounds and thunderous volume 
  • Produces incredibly realistic, natural-sounding crow vocalizations that will trigger an immediate and enthusiastic response
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