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Outlaw Grunt Call

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SKU: KHD0020-T

Knight and Hale’s (Grunt with Snort Wheeze) is part of the Bone Collector Line, and is the ultimate grunt and snort wheeze combination call. The (Grunt with Snort Wheeze) features a never-before-seen reed system that creates earlier back pressure for a deeper sound and more volume with less breathe.


The (Grunt with Snort Wheeze) is a modern design call in the Bone Collector Line that brings in a level of design that Knight & Hale. The (Grunt with Snort Wheeze) features a new, multi-call design that fills in an important gap in the KnH catalog. The (Grunt with Snort Wheeze) has a never-before-seen innovative reed design that creates a more balanced back pressure, as well as a deeper and louder sound. The updated reed system keeps it from blowing out and locking up. The soft-rubber design of the (Grunt with Snort Wheeze) has a comfortable, but durable feel that is easy to manipulate, and the debossed logo designs provide additional grip.

  • Built in collaboration with Bone Collector
  • Deeper Sound with More Volume
  • Snort Wheeze
  • Innovative beveled reed holder
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