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Da' Bone Deer Grunt Call

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SKU: KHD1008-W

Knight & Hale Da' Bone Deer Call can produce a range of volume calls from close range or long distance to get your buck's attention.

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The Da' Bone Deer Call is an exhale grunt call that produces realistic buck vocalization with a dynamic range of volume. Knight & Hale Grunt calls are used to attract bucks into shooting range, and are often associated with mature bucks. The Da' Bone can be use for close calling or as a loud call to really get your buck's attention.

  • Looks like an antler, sounds like a buck
  • Exhale-style call produces extremely realistic buck vocalizations
  • Delivers soft sounds for close calls and booming calls to get bucks' attention
  • Made from a soft and pliable material - will not clang against metal
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