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Hale's Ultimate Push/Pull Turkey Friction Call

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Hale's Ultimate Push/Pull turkey call creates amazingly realistic sounds great for beginners and is a must have for the advanced caller.

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Hale's Ultimate Push-Pull turkey box call may be the simplest of all box calls to use, yet accurately creates perfect yelps, clucks, cutts - and even purrs.  Many hunters consider the push-pull call to be a beginner call, but this Ultimate Push-Pull is far froma child's call; it is one of the best-kepts secrets of advanced turkey hunters.  It creates true-to-life hen sounds with minimum hand movement, making it a great finishing call.

  • Simplest of all box calls to use yet accurately creates perfect yelps clucks cut and even purrs
  • Easy to use for beginners but is one of the best kept secrets for advanced turkey hunters
  • Creates true to life hen sounds with minimum hand movement making it a great finishing call
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