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Call Conditioning Tool

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SKU: KHT7380-T
Knight & Hale has designed the perfect conditioning tool, providing everything the hunter could want for preparing any pot call surface in one product.


Compact and ultra-convenient, Knight & Hale’s Call Conditioning Tool lets you prep any calling surface in a snap. Safely removing dirt, debris, fingerprint smudges and anything else that might distort the natural sound of your favorite friction call or striker, it features a fold-out design for easy transport and all-in-one multi-purpose functionality, with every kind of cleaning and conditioning aid you could want inside.

Complete Conditioning Tool includes:

  • A buffing pad for wood surfaces
  • 2 grits of sandpaper for wood and slate
  • A  coarse stone for metal and glass
  • Rosin-based conditioning chalk for box calls
  • A handy slot for scuffing the tip of your striker
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