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While Jim Strelec finds great joy in a successful hunt, he probably finds it even more satisfying to teach others how to hunt. More specifically, Strelec takes pride in being one of the top game call seminar speaker's and teacher's in the country. If Knight & Hale makes it, Strelec has mastered it. He tours the country annually, sharing his knowledge at more than 100 speaking engagments. As Knight & Hale's national promotions coordinator for the past 42 years, Strelec has had a hand in product development, sales, promotions and just about anything else. While the Cadiz, Kentucky resident spends most of his hunting time chasing deer, waterfoul, small game, and turkey, he relishes the time he gets to hunt for elk. In his seminars, Strelec emphasizes that humans must learn how to communicate with animals by calling with feeling and emotion. It's the same feeling and emotion that drives Strelec to educate others.


Jim Strelec

Product Manager
Knight & Hale Game Calls


New Brunswick, NJ



Years On Knight & Hale Pro Staff


Favorite Knight & Hale Product

Hale Fire Gobble Call, Squirrel Call and Widow Maker 2

Ask A Pro

What is your favorite species to hunt?

Squirrel on horseback with dogs and a muzzle loading shotgun

What is your most memorable hunting trip?

Moose hunting in Quebec, Canada with my Canadian friends

What are your hobbies when you are not hunting?

Horseback riding and camping

When did you first start hunting?

At the age of 7.

What is your weapon of choice?

Black powder muzzle loading shotgun or rifle

What are your must have in your backpack while on a hunting trip?

Water, rain gear, solar blanket, knife, flashlight, fire starter and compass or GPS.

What is the one animal that you have not hunted that you would like to harvest?

Albino Orangutan