Pack Rack Rattling System Deer Call




The Pack Rack Rattling system for deer hunting features the ultimate realism in sound provides total control of the fighting sequence and it super compact and easy to carry.

• Two distinct high-density plastic materials deliver intense rattling sequences with unrivaled realism and extreme volume
• Recreates the loud, lifelike sounds of two big bucks locked in combat
• Super-compact, easy-to-carry design pieces together for complete silence during transport
• Extensively field-tested with proven results, especially at long range or on windy days
• Olive-drab color blends in with all camouflage patterns

A unique patented design made from high-density plastic twists back and forth to generate authentic fighting sounds that dominant bucks and elks just can’t resist. Delivering unmatched realism and booming volume, even at long range or on windy days, this highly portable rattling system pieces together to provide completely silent carry.

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