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Long Spur Glass Pot Call

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SKU: KHT1002-T

Call like a pro and sound just like a real hen with this premium glass piece from Knight & Hale’s professional-grade series of friction calls, made from the finest materials available.

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Featuring a polycarbonate calling base with integrated sound channels that create authentic hen vocalizations, the Long Spur® Series offers the serious hunter reliable, consistent performance that brings toms running. Each professional-grade friction call is capable of generating natural tones, pitches and cadences with incredible high-fidelity sound, and every joined surface is pressured-glued using a new cutting-edge process that delivers previously unattainable uniformity. By insisting on meticulous standards from start to finish, Knight & Hale is able to ensure that each and every call is perfectly tuned to produce only the highest sound quality for the very best results.

  • Calling surface constructed using the finest handpicked glass available 
  • Produces rich, raspy high-pitched yelps that bring gobblers running 
  • Capable of generating intense volume when needed, but also great for soft, subtle finesse calls 
  • A versatile all-weather call with high-definition sound that’s second to none 
  • Every call is custom-matched with a waterproof striker
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