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#7 Diaphragm Call

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SKU: KHT3027-T

Harold Knight’s lucky #7 is all the ease of a double reed plus all the versatility of a triple read. The high pitch and high rasp of this Knight and Hale diaphragm call make the argument that this call isn’t lucky, its just good.


Harold Knight has been hoarding this design for decades, but his lucky #7 is finally available to the public. The 2.5 reed design gives this Knight and Hale call the ease of a double reed and versatility of a triple reed, but it’s the extreme batwing cut over a half moon internal cut that gives it such a special voice. High pitch and high rasp make this call so effective it almost feels unfair. Maybe it’s really that lucky, but according to Harold it’s really just that good. The #7 is part of Harold Knight’s Legend Series.

  • Unique 2.5 reed design
  • Extreme batwing cut
  • Half moon internal cut
  • High pitch and rasp
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