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Tom Coffin Push/Pull Turkey Box Call

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SKU: KHT1505-T

With an ergonomic shape that promotes even, consistent tones, this push/pull friction call offers complete adjustability yet surprising ease of operation.

•Ergonomic shape promotes smooth, even, consistent tones while allowing for easy one-handed calling or the use of multiple calls at once
• Adjustable knob allows you to customize both volume and pitch
• Also equipped with a silencer and featuring rugged, durable construction
• A great all-around call for all experience levels, from beginner to advanced


Boasting features never before seen in a push-pull call, the Tom Coffin is outfitted with an adjustment knob that allows you to change its volume and tone as well as a silencer that keeps the call quiet until you’re ready. Add an ergonomic ridged shape that fits the cupped hand and that true-to-life turkey sound Knight & Hale is known for, and you’ve got one the most well-designed push-pull calls on the market.

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