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Bull/Cow Elk Combo Diaphragm Call

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With this combo set of diaphragm calls, you can mimic a cow in heat or a satellite bull, all while keeping your hands on your gun or bow.

• Two-in-one diaphragm combo set
• Whooly Bully- imitates the sound of a satellite bull on the prowl
• Sassy Girl- imitates realistic estrous cow-elk vocalizations with ease
• Allows hands-free use to keep hands on you gun or bow
• Especially effective during the peak of the rut


The Bull/Cow Elk Combo is an extremely worthwhile addition to your elk-call arsenal that will keep your hands on your gun or bow, so missing a shot is not an option. The Knight and Hale Combo comes with Sassy Girl, the ultimate diaphragm call for producing that produces aggressive vocalizations of a cow elk in heat, and Whooly Bull, the ideal diaphragm call for realistically recreating the vocalizations of a young satellite bull on the prowl.

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