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Turkey Calls

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Tag more gobblers with turkey calls from Knight & Hale. Mature toms can’t help but respond to the realistic hen sounds produced with our wide variety of calls.

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  1. Knight & Hale Smooth Operator Box Call

    Knight & Hale Smooth Operator Box Call

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Now: $15.00

    Poplar box call with a thumb groove to give you the quick loud cutts of a longing hen. Produces enough volume to help you locate, and enough control to bring them within range.

    • Thumb gap for easy cuts
    • Patented quick release system
    • One-sided poplar box

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  2. Moonshiner Crystal Over Acrylic Pot Call

    Moonshiner Crystal Over Acrylic Pot Call

    Regular Price: $44.99

    Now: $22.50

    Introducing the next generation of pot calls, the Moonshiner provides a never-before-seen consistency and durability in hand-crafted pot calls with a unique acrylic sound-board that gives versatility in calling in volume, pitch and tone.

    • Specialized machined acrylic pot
    • High end crystal calling surface
    • Unique acrylic sound board
    • Extreme versatility in volume, tone, and pitch
    • One-piece striker

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  3. Lonesome Linda Diaphragm Call

    Lonesome Linda Diaphragm Call


    Out of stock

    Designed by the Bone Collector’s Michael Waddell, Lonesome Linda is one of the most versatile diaphragm calls on the market. This Knight and Hale call switches easily between yelps, cuts, clucks and purrs, making her dangerous to all the Old Toms.

    • Double reed
    • Combo cut with a top reed fang cut
    • Medium rasp
    • Very versatile

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  4. Trashy Trina Diaphragm Call

    Trashy Trina Diaphragm Call


    Out of stock

    Trashy Trina has an edge and ease of use that makes her dangerous. This diaphragm call’s batwing cut gives her an extremely raspy tone, and her triple reed gives her the advanced reach that experienced hunters crave to fire up Toms across any property.

    • Triple Reed
    • Batwing Cut
    • Very Raspy
    • Requires very little air

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  5. Mark Prudhomme's Competition Owl Call

    Mark Prudhomme's Competition Owl Call


    Out of stock

    It’s easy to get the gobblers fired up with this champion-worthy owl call. Legendary owl caller Mark Prudhomme’s Competition Owl Call from Knight and Hale produces realistic hoots that will locate those silent longbeards.

    • Designed by Mark Prudhomme
    • Deep, throaty hoots
    • Crackling laughs
    • More volume less breath
    • Blasting chamber

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  6. Canyon Cutter Aluminum Over Acrylic Pot Call

    Canyon Cutter Aluminum Over Acrylic Pot Call

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Now: $25.00

    Designed by Bone Collector Nick Mundt, the Canyon Cutter is the sleekest, loudest, most turkey slaying call on the market. With Knight and Hale’s exclusive new wave design this call provides the high pitch and heavy volume necessary to fire up gobblers through wind, trees, and long distance in any weather condition.

    • Using a high density acrylic pot gives this call unique consistency, durability, resonance, and aesthetic.

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  7. Storyteller Turkey Pot Call

    Storyteller Turkey Pot Call

    Regular Price: $74.99

    Now: $37.50

    Knight and Hale’s Storyteller is sure to give you some tales to tell. This high-end Pennsylvania slate comes with a Jatoba striker and a Yellowheart striker that create purrs, yelps, cuts and clucks that will help make your hunting tale legendary.

    • Made of Jatoba wood
    • High-end Pennsylvania slate
    • Ergonomic, hand-cut build
    • Two (2) handmade strikers (Jatoba and Yellowheart)
    • Constructed from American hardwood
    • “New Wave” design with built in sound board

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  8. Purr-r-fect Chalk Turkey Box Call

    Purr-r-fect Chalk Turkey Box Call


    Out of stock

    Help extend the life of your turkey box calls and keep them working at their peak with this conditioning chalk that helps prevent performance-impairing buildup.

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  9. Dual Threat Glass and Slate Turkey Pot Call

    Dual Threat Glass and Slate Turkey Pot Call


    Out of stock

    With this 2-in-1 friction call featuring glass on one side and slate on the other, you can mimic the sounds of multiple hens with a flip of the wrist!

    • Flip-sided design allows hunters to quickly change their tone and sound with minimal movement—get more calls, with less equipment!
    • Glass side generates high-pitched tones with unmatched volume for long-range and windy-day calling scenarios
    • Slate side creates rich, mellow tones and sounds with depth, perfect for short-range calling
    • Includes the patent-pending Echotech Diamondwood Striker—completely waterproof with an internal resonator to produce vibrations between the striker and the surface for purer, more natural sounds with all friction calls

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  10. Scarlet Fever Pot Call

    Scarlet Fever Pot Call

    Regular Price: $39.99

    Now: $10.00

    One of Knight & Hale’s very finest friction calls and winner of the World Two-Man Team Championship, the Scarlet Fever features walnut wood, a slate sound board and crystal calling surface.

    • Crystal striking surface produces unbelievably natural-sounding, deep, raspy hen tones unmatched by other materials
    • Slate sound board ensures pure, rich tones while a kiln-dried dark-walnut pot provides sweet resonance
    • Generates excellent volume without sacrificing that realistic sound that drives longbeards crazy—perfect for both long-distance and close-range calling
    • Incredibly consistent, versatile and reliable in a variety of situations, season after season
    • Every call is custom-matched with a diamondwood 2-piece striker

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