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Deer Calls

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Attract trophy bucks with deer calls that are as realistic as they are effective. From aggressive snort wheeze, rattle, and grunt calls to distress calls, Knight & Hale’s time-tested deer calls are crafted for success.

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  1. Pack Rack Rattling System

    Pack Rack


    The Pack Rack Rattling system for deer hunting features the ultimate realism in sound provides total control of the fighting sequence and it super compact and easy to carry.


    ■ Patented design produces intense rattling sequences
    ■ Authentic fighting sounds at extreme volumes
    ■ Attracts dominant, territorial bucks
    ■ Proven results based on extensive field-testing
    ■ Blends in and matches all camouflage patterns

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  2. Arrowhead Deer Call

    Arrowhead Deer Call

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    Now: $6.50

    Bring your target in close with this compact multipurpose call that reliably produces a full range of deer vocalizations.

    • Compact arrowhead design is easy to carry
    • Capable of re-creating a variety of deer vocalizations with excellent volume
    • Generate a complete range of grunts, bleats and growls by adjusting your touch

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