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Field Notes - Tagged Turkey Hunting

Mark Olis from Grandview Outdoors goes on "A Southern Turkey Adventure"

Mark Olis from Grandview Outdoors recently went on the turkey hunt of a lifetime where he was able to hunt with some of the biggest legends in the outdoor industry. Quiet toms tested his paticence but in the end, victory was earned.

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Gobbler Guide

If you want to tag more gobblers this season, then learn to correctly identify these predictable turkey transitional phases and match your hunting strategies accordingly.

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6 Steps To Beating Hunting Pressure

Let's face it; most of us don't have unlimited access to large tracts of private land that is intensely managed and receives minimal outside hunting pressure. When turkey hunting during the spring, we've got to target veteran gobblers that have quickly evolved into master escape artists. These bad boys know how to play the game, and they can be extremely difficult to tag on a consistent basis. The good news is there are several high-impact strategies you can use to beat hunting pressure and bust more gobblers this season. When things get rough and tough, utilize this 6-step plan to exploit highly-pressured longbeards in your neck of the woods.  

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Turkey Game Camera Strategies

Don’t put away your game camera once deer season is over. Use it to track turkeys, and you’ll punch more tags than a champion caller. A game camera can uncover a daily pattern of turkey activity including roosting sites, feeding areas, travel routes, and strut-zones. Easily differentiate high-traffic areas from stagnant zones to make your hunting productive, even during late season when gobblers are call-shy and hard to find. From effective calls, to traps and tricks, your strategies are endless when scouting turkeys with a Moultrie game camera and our helpful tips. For the full story, visit

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