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Field Notes - Hunting Tactics

Fall Turkey Hunting Tactics By Chris Parrish

Fall turkey hunting is not as popular as spring hunting, but that is likely due more from a lack of awareness than a lack of enjoyment in the sport itself. Realistically, while the hunting style is different, it is every bit as exciting – and can be a unique opportunity to really learn about the birds, and gain a better understanding of why they do what they do.

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Knight & Hale + Bone Collector Generate Excitement at 2017 ATA Show

Knight & Hale had its best year-yet at the 2017 ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Team rolled out our new product line for 2017, the most in Knight & Hale history, highlighted by the new Bone Collector Line products.

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Summer Tips for Predator Hunting

Knight & Hale Pro Staffer and hunting expert, Chris Parrish, shares some helpful tips for predator hunting in the summer months. 

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Mark Olis from Grandview Outdoors goes on "A Southern Turkey Adventure"

Mark Olis from Grandview Outdoors recently went on the turkey hunt of a lifetime where he was able to hunt with some of the biggest legends in the outdoor industry. Quiet toms tested his paticence but in the end, victory was earned.

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The Thrill Of Hunting 2-Year Old Turkeys

Every turkey hunter dreams of that “tow rope” longbeard hammering on the early morning roost, only to pitch down and work in on a string to your setup. So, with thousands of gobblers flopping every spring, what birds are we killing? Enter the two year old tom!

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Tips for Taking Your Kid Turkey Hunting

Taking your youngster turkey hunting can not only provide you both with wonderful memories, but can instill within the child a lifelong passion for a sport that you can enjoy together for years to come. Realistic expectations for your first experience are key to making both a reality. Your frame of mind will determine if your child enjoys his or her first turkey-hunt, but whether or not the child wants to continue pursuing the sport.

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Dos and Don'ts of Fanning Turkeys with Michael Waddell

Fanning turkeys, the exciting tactic of hiding behind a turkey fan or decoy while sneaking toward a gobbler in an effort to entice the bird to come charging toward you, has become especially popular in the past few years. But, the method is also controversial.

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Turkey Hunting Public Land Gobblers

Killing a gobbler in the spring can be a feat in itself. Doing it on public land takes it to a whole other level. 

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Mid Season Turkey Tactics

As you transition to mid season turkey hunting, remember that this can be a very tough time to attract a Tom. As the season wears on many of the hens are ready and spending nearly all day with the gobblers. Try these tactics during your mid season turkey hunts. 

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Best Weapons For Turkey Hunting

When it comes to turkey hunting, nothing is guaranteed.  When that moment of truth arrives, you need to feel comfortable and confident in your shotgun and setup.  

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