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Field Notes - Calling Tips

Small snort, not so small sound.

Despite its compact design, the Sneeze Wheeze produces a snort that can reach out to 300 yards.

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Deadly Early-Season Calling Strategies

Exploit mature bucks during the early pre-rut period with high-impact calling strategies and tactics that have been extensively tested and proven in-the-field to produce results.

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Mouth Calls

We all remember it, the sound of that dying cat the first time you ever tried to use a mouth call. Even multi-time World Champion and expert call craftsman Chris “Turkey Titan” Parrish remembers.

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The Handy Pot Call

With every arsenal of turkey calls, from a beginner’s to an expert’s, you will find a pot call…. or two.

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Box Call - The More the Merrier

We can all agree that two is better than one. Well, those turkeys you’re chasing think so too.

Why make that old Tom think you’re a party of one, when you can convince him you’re a party of two, or even five? With a box call, that is exactly what you can do.

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The Humble Push/Pull Turkey Call

The unpretentious push/pull call is often overlooked by expert turkey hunters, but this easy-to-run turkey call can offer some of the most unique, realistic and consistent sounds that pressured birds might not have had thrown at them.

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Put Down the Grunt Call

Sure, the grunt call gets all the press, but sometimes it takes a different kind of sound to bring in the big buck. Here are a few deer calling tips that will have you on using the full range of deer vocalizations to your advantage.

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Deer Calling Guide

Need a quick refresher in deer calling? It's never too early or too late to refresh your memory on how, when and why to use grunts, bleats, rattles and snort wheezes. Our friends at Bone Collector put together the perfect Deer Calling Guide just for that.

Read More interviews David Hale and Harold Knight recently sat down with legends David Hale and Harold Knight to talk about bowhunting gobblers and everything turkey. 

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Turkey Vernacular - Basic Vocabulary Turkey Hunters Should Know

Those not familiar with turkey hunting can find the terminology a bit confusing. That’s why Knight & Hale’s own Chris Parrish pulled together the ultimate glossary for all things turkey hunting. Read below – we think there’s something for everyone, novice and veteran hunters alike. 

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