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2017 Archive

Small snort, not so small sound.

Despite its compact design, the Sneeze Wheeze produces a snort that can reach out to 300 yards.

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Fall Turkey Hunting Tactics By Chris Parrish

Fall turkey hunting is not as popular as spring hunting, but that is likely due more from a lack of awareness than a lack of enjoyment in the sport itself. Realistically, while the hunting style is different, it is every bit as exciting – and can be a unique opportunity to really learn about the birds, and gain a better understanding of why they do what they do.

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The Outlaw; A Versatile All-Season Deer Call.

It’s the call that will put him in your lap. Knight & Hale’s Outlaw was designed in collaboration with Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector team to be a no-frills call that functions flawlessly at producing a range of buck sounds. 

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Deadly Early-Season Calling Strategies

Exploit mature bucks during the early pre-rut period with high-impact calling strategies and tactics that have been extensively tested and proven in-the-field to produce results.

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Tips for Roosting

If you’ve hunted turkeys long, you know locating the birds on the roost gives you an advantage. After all, locating the gobbler is half the battle. 

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How the Deadly Divas Were Born ft. Michael Waddell

In my mind, I’ve always imagined that it is the sexiest-, hottest- and loosest-sounding hens that attract the gobbler. So, when Chris Parrish and I teamed up to design the new diaphragm calls, we decided to give them all racy-sounding names. We had a blast coming up with those names, but we had even more fun working on the calls’ designs.

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A Pot Call That's A Cut Above

The acrylic call has become a fixture of the duck hunting community. Valued for its higher pitch and volume, hunters have accepted the greater cost associated with acrylic because they can hear its distinct advantages. They also know that the quality of the sound is consistent year after year. 

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A Box Call With An Edge

Ask a group of turkey hunters to name their favorite type of call, and you’ll likely get a bunch of different answers. But the one thing they will all probably agree on is that the box call is the easiest of all turkey calls to master. The learning curve for a box call is much shorter than a diaphragm call or even a pot call.

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When Ground Blinds Meet Run & Gun Tactics

Turkey hunting has a great heritage, yet it continues to evolve as a sport. For proof of its evolution all you need to do is look at the increasing popularity of run & gun type tactics. While the traditional image of the turkey hunter remains one of motionless patience, we are all more likely to bag that next gobbler using walking and calling techniques. As our tactics change our gear also needs to change also.

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Mouth Calls

We all remember it, the sound of that dying cat the first time you ever tried to use a mouth call. Even multi-time World Champion and expert call craftsman Chris “Turkey Titan” Parrish remembers.

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