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February, 2015 Archive

"Fake a Fight" with David Hale

“Getting feathers ruffled and tempers flaring brings up another lethal tactic that can really pay huge dividends when gobblers are whipped and locked-down by the ladies. Strategically simulating a fight with your calling can coax an entire flock to your setup in a hurry! 

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Tips from the pros - Break the Rules with Chris Parrish

“When I first started chasing longbeards, I strictly followed many of the so-called laws or golden rules of turkey hunting. As a result, my personal experiences, mistakes, and success in the field have taught me that many of these rules simply don’t hold water. For example, I had once read that a turkey hunter should never call directly to a hen that is accompanied by a longbeard. According to the theory, this will only trigger a jealous response that will cause the hen to lead the gobbler off in the opposite direction."

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Preparing for turkey season - Be Prepared

Every turkey hunter knows that when the days start to get longer and warmer then Turkey season is right around the corner. The worst thing that you can do is let it sneak up on you - unprepared. Nothing can ruin a hunt like getting to the woods, or field, late and without the right calls and equipment. Take a few minutes in the week prior to your season opener to inventory what you need for a successful hunt.

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Knight & Hale pro staffer wins Junior NWTF Grand Nationals

NASHVILLE, TN – Like father, like son. Clay Prudhomme, son of world-class turkey caller, Mark Prudhomme, winner of a record 17 NWTF Grand National Championships, won the 2015 Mossy Oak/NWTF Junior title last weekend.

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