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EZ Grunter Xtreme Deer Call [Discontinued]

SKU: KHD1003-T

An outstanding call for all seasons, this “game changer” reproduces even the most hard-to-mimic deer grunts, including the hyperventilating sounds of big bucks chasing and tending does.

• Patented Hyper Ventilator design for optimal inhale/exhale-style operation
• Shortened endpiece for ease of disassembly
• Changeable wedge, reed and sound board
• Reed locks into place, allowing for “factory condition” reassembly
• Extensively tested and proven in the field by some of the industry’s best whitetail hunters, who refer to it as their “go-to call”


Using Knight and Hale’s proprietary Hyper-Ventilator™ inhale/exhale technology, the EZ Grunter Xtreme realistically reproduces all of the most common deer vocalizations—and goes a step further. The unique inhale/exhale design makes it easy for even beginners to replicate the sounds of rut-crazed bucks on the chase. Versatile enough for a variety of hunting situations, the EZ Grunter Xtreme is the next-generation real deal you’ll never want to be without.

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