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EZ Grunter Grunt Call [Discontinued]

SKU: KHD1000-T

An excellent close-range call that produces both buck and doe vocalizations, the EZ Grunter is the longest produced grunt call of all time. A full range of realistic sounds makes it a winner in a variety of scenarios.

• Ultra-simple operation produces perfect buck and doe vocalizations every time
• Multipurpose full-range call, especially effective for close- to mid-range scenarios
• Realistically reproduces all common deer calls and grunts
• A proven shot-generator and opportunity-maker that gets the job done season after season


Knight & Hale’s flagship grunt tube that revolutionized the way we hunt whitetails today, the EZ Grunter is legendary, and with good reason. Achieve perfect buck vocalizations every time with this easy-to-use full-spectrum call suited for a variety of scenarios. Excelling in particular within the close- to mid-range, this is the one call that can do it all, from doe sounds to dominant grunts that challenge territorial bucks to defend their turf. Its remarkably effective design has been produced the same since 1982.

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