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Dual Threat Glass and Slate Turkey Pot Call

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SKU: KHT1009-T

With this 2-in-1 friction call featuring glass on one side and slate on the other, you can mimic the sounds of multiple hens with a flip of the wrist!

• Flip-sided design allows hunters to quickly change their tone and sound with minimal movement—get more calls, with less equipment!
• Glass side generates high-pitched tones with unmatched volume for long-range and windy-day calling scenarios
• Slate side creates rich, mellow tones and sounds with depth, perfect for short-range calling
• Includes the patent-pending Echotech Diamondwood Striker—completely waterproof with an internal resonator to produce vibrations between the striker and the surface for purer, more natural sounds with all friction calls


Now you can change the timbre of your calls with minimal movement, thanks to the Dual Threat’s double-sided design. Use the glass side to produce loud, high-pitched tones that travel long distances and the slate side for seductive close-range calling to bring toms in those last few yards. Paired with Knight & Hale’s very forgiving Echotech Diamondwood Striker, which reliably produces lifelike sounds with any friction call, the Dual Threat is virtually unstoppable.

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