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BOOYAH Mobster Swim Jig

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The BOOYAH Mobster Swim Jig comes to us as a closely guarded secret housed by the Oklahoma bass fishing club, the Muddy Water Mob. The Mobster has been a mainstay among these anglers for fishing the rugged waters of the Arkansas River that requires a jig to boldly come through cover and perform under harsh circumstances. Enter, the BOOYAH Mobster Swim Jig built with a unique tapered head that gives it a slight wag on the retrieve and prevents any cover from snagging it inadvertently. Built with only the finest components such as a heavy-duty black nickel hook, vibrant full skirts, stout weed guard, and a wire plastic keeper. This is a must-have lure for any heavy cover fisherman because it was built by some of the most innovative in the game.

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  • Custom designed head to come through all types of cover
  • Pro selected high quality skirts
  • Stout black nickel hook for rock solid hooksets
  • Wire plastic keeper to work with all trailers
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