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The Humble Push/Pull Turkey Call

If you don’t have a push/pull in your arsenal of turkey calls, you need to add it your playbook.

The unpretentious push/pull call is often overlooked by expert turkey hunters, but this easy-to-run turkey call can offer some of the most unique, realistic and consistent sounds that pressured birds might not have had thrown at them. And let’s not forget to mention how well, as a friction call, a push/pull can cut the air even in windy conditions.

The push/pull just so happens to be David Hale’s favorite turkey call and has been ever since his early days of turkey hunting. For that very reason, it has been a mainstay in the Knight & Hale turkey call line since the company’s start in 1972.

Some of the most well-known push-pulls from Knight & Hale have been the Last Call, Witchy Woman, Tom Coffin, the Ultimate Fighting Purr, the Dueling Hen and the Ultimate.

And to add to that list for 2017 is TBone’s Turkey Magnet, created in collaboration with Bone Collector’s TBone Turner. It’s the first truly hands-free friction call on the market, making realistic yelps, clucks and purrs without taking either hand off your shotgun.

Hale’s favorite call on the push/pull is a quiet yelp, for the authenticity it adds to your whole calling sequence. You can also cut, cackle and purr with a push/pull, and even throw a little something extra at those stubborn longbeards with a fighting purr.


How to cut with a push/pull:

Hold the push/pull in your hand, then lay your finger or thumb on the paddle to provide slight pressure. Take the inside of your pointer finger of your dominant hand and quickly tap the striker plate two or three times.


How to cackle with a push/pull:

Hold the push/pull with one hand and tap the striker plate with inside of your fingers right above your palm.


How to cluck with a push/pull:

Hold the push/pull with one hand and put a slight pressure on the paddle. With your other hand, tap the striker plate with the top part of your palm.


How to purr with a push/pull:

Hold the push/pull with one hand and put a slight pressure on the striker plate with your index finger. You can control the speed you use to push the striker plate back to create the purr.


How to create a fighting purr:

Hold one (1) push/pull in each hand and alternate pushing the striker plate on each call with your pointer finger.