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The Handy Pot Call

With every arsenal of turkey calls, from a beginner’s to an expert’s, you will find a pot call…. or two.

Pot calls give turkey hunters total control over tone, volume, tempo and pitch in the palm of their hand, which is ideal when you are trying to talk that turkey talk.

The biggest mistake made with pot calls is gripping the striker and the call too hard, limiting the sound quality, but with a loosened grip, pot calls are relatively easy to use.

Pot calls feature a pot design, calling surface, striker and a sound board which aids in resonance. Each Knight & Hale pot call is matched with the perfect striker combination.

Knight & Hale features calls with three (3) different types of pot material, and five (5) different types of surface materials. There are five main surface materials for pot calls: slate, glass, crystal, ceramic and aluminum. Each have their own sound and ideal hunting situations.

Slate— softer tones and very user friendly.

Glass— high-pitched tones with medium rasp.

Crystal— best all-around calling surface that covers both loud and soft calling needs with raspy and pure tones.

Aluminum— loud and bold high pitches that reach and pull out gobbles from shut-mouth Toms and is the most weather resistant calling surface.

Ceramic— medium pitch and rasp and offers a good higher pitched surface with user friendly nature of a slate.

Some of the more well-known Knight & Hale pot calls over the years have been Yella Hammer, Sweet Hen, the Long Spur Series, White Liar, Metal Yell, Pocket Puppy, Stranglehold and the wildly popular Ol’ Yeller.

Knight & Hale added three legendary pot calls to the mix for 2017, including the Story Teller, the Canyon Cutter, and the first of it’s kind acrylic-on-acrylic call, the Moonshiner.


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