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The Arrowhead from Knight and Hale

Aim For A Buck’s Ears With The Arrowhead From Knight & Hale.

Knight & Hale® Game Calls, the legendary call maker known for creating calls that produce the most life-like wildlife sounds, unleashes it’s most radical deer call: the Arrowhead™.

Breaking the mold of what a deer call “should” look like, the Arrowhead sports a compact,arrowhead design that’s small enough to carry yet big enough to be fully capable of creating a variety of deer vocalizations with significant volume. If a whitetail buck can make the sound, the Arrowhead can replicate it. 

In addition to the unique design, a special rubber construction creates an acoustic sound chamber that produces real and natural whitetail sounds. A simple touch with varying pressure generates a complete range of grunts, bleats and growls with excellent volume and realism. And in a pinch, the call’s design allows for hands-free operation to bring deer into position to seal the deal.