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Small snort, not so small sound.

It’s hard to beat the convenience and versatility of a grunt call with a built-in snort wheeze. But there are also some good reasons to carry a separate snort wheeze call. When done as a stand-alone, a snort wheeze can be optimized to produce a louder volume. And if you design it just right, you’ll get an amazingly realistic sound quality. That explains the unique look of Knight & Hale’s Sneeze Wheeze. Despite its compact design, the Sneeze Wheeze produces a snort that can reach out to 300 yards. Its french-horn appearance also allows for an authentic call that’s wet and snotty, just like the real thing. As its name implies, the Sneeze Wheeze is also capable of producing a sneeze that entices deer to come to you. T-Bone from Bone Collector® knows a thing or two about the Sneeze Wheeze, after all, he helped create it. Learn from the man himself as he explains some of the ways to use our latest snort wheeze creation.