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3 Shock Gobble Tips with an Owl Call

Mimicking the sounds of an owl early in the morning is an excellent way to elicit a shock gobble and determine the location of the turkey you are hunting. When it comes to locating turkeys on the roost, there is just something special about the early morning sounds made by owls. At Knight & Hale we put Mark Prudhommes name on our Signiture Series Owl Call for good reason. He is a world champion owl hooter who has immeasurable experience in the turkey woods.

Whether you are new to this technique or utilize the benefits on every hunt, Grandview Outdoors has put together 3 Tips Turkey Hunters Need For Owl Calling that are sure to help you during the spring.

Shock-Calling Tip 1: Give him a single dose

It is recommended to “hit gobblers with one extended note to break the ice and make contact. In many cases, this single, lengthy hoot will be all it takes to wake that longbeard up and trigger a response right off the limb…”

Shock Calling Tip 2: Talk the Talk

“If the single dose doesn’t get the job done, switch over to the standard 9-note cadence of the barred owl - Who Cooks For You, Who Cooks For You All. Try to roll your tongue at the end of the last note to give it that signature stuttering purr. Listening to actual owls and practicing with your call can make a big difference in the woods, because it adds realism to your calling.“

Shock Calling Tip 3: Fire them up

“Get more aggressive and go with a calling sequence that includes a series of barred owl laughs. This high-impact tactic will often make a tight-beaked gobbler lose it on the limb…”

Hear the championship caliber sounds produced by the Mark Prudhomme Signiture Series Owl Call from Mark himself and watch an in depth video on the 3 Tips Turkey Hunters Need For Owl Calls here.