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Preparing for turkey season - Be Prepared

Every turkey hunter knows that when the days start to get longer and warmer then Turkey season is right around the corner. The worst thing that you can do is let it sneak up on you - unprepared. Nothing can ruin a hunt like getting to the woods, or field, late and without the right calls and equipment. Take a few minutes in the week prior to your season opener to inventory what you need for a successful hunt.

Do you have a place to hunt?

Do you need a blind, cushion, seat, or new vest?

Do you have turkey shells and a turkey choke for your shotgun?

Have you purchased your hunting license?

Ask yourself these questions in advance of opening day in order to maximize your chances of bagging that trophy turkey.

Once you have your basics in place scout your land. Find out where the birds are roosting and feeding. Get your calls ready. Don't forget to pack great locator call, like the Knight and Hale Team Pin Point Locator set, so that you can find birds on the roost in the predawn hours of opening day. Finally, plan how you want to mount or serve up that big longbeard once you bag him! Harold and David agree that the most important thing is to have fun!