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NWTF | "The Evolution of Turkey Hunting"

It is no secret that Harold Knight and David Hale are well-respected legends within the hunting industry. Reaching this status is the result of over 40 years of hard work, adaptation, and innovation. Ultimately, Knight and Hale Game Calls ended up redefining the game call business. 

NWTF featured Harold and David in a recent article titled “The Evolution of Turkey Hunting. The author, Travis Faulkner, is also a pro staff member for Knight & Hale Game Calls. The article goes on to say “Anyone who has ever yelped or cutt on a slate call during the spring is probably familiar with Knight and Hale…The two men have pretty much seen and done it all when it comes to turkey hunting. In fact, Knight became one of the first hunters to officially tag a gobbler during the historic Kentucky Woodlands National Wildlife Refuge turkey hunts when he was only 16. This event marked the state’s first legal turkey hunting season in more than 41 years. There were only 12 turkeys tagged out of the 337 hunters that season, which made Knight a local turkey hunting legend.”

From local legends to legends among a very impressive group of outdoor industry pioneers, Harold and David remain true to their roots and continue to set the standard for game calls. Today, the duo can found lurking around the turkey woods, developing new game call technologies, and filming hunts for Knight and Hales Ultimate Hunting and Moultrie's The Hit List

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