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Mouth Calls

We all remember it, the sound of that dying cat the first time you ever tried to use a mouth call. Even multi-time World Champion and expert call craftsman Chris “Turkey Titan” Parrish remembers.

Mastering a diaphragm call has its challenges, and people often give up as they become frustrated trying to learn. But with the right instruction, a little diligence and a lot of practice, you can take your turkey talk to the next level.

Mouth calls have many variations of cuts that determine the different sounds, pitches, tones of particular turkeys. Knight & Hale offers a different diaphragm call for all the different call skill levels, from beginner, to intermediate, as well as advanced.

DOUBLE-REED: A great call for beginners to learn on and is very easy to blow. Great for yelping and kee-kees.

V CUTS & SPLIT REED: Made to obtain softer rasp and a very user friendly style call.

BATWING & COMBO: A great all-purpose call with lots of rasp, but requires a little more practice to learn the air control needed to make the call perform at peak.

GHOST CUT: A versatile all-around call that is ideal for soft yelps and kee-kees with a bit of rasp.

Knight & Hale started making mouth calls soon after the company was founded in 1972, and uses a frame designed by the “Turkey Titan” himself. The frame features a high crown and internal locking system to insure reed material never slips or varies from original build.

While Knight & Hale has had many loyal mouth calls over the past 40 years, some of the most popular have been the Hales Four Reed V, the Magic Moon Cutter and the Ultimate Team Series.

Knight & Hale has brought two new series’ of diaphragm calls to the market for 2017, the Deadly Diva Series and the Legend Series. And both came out of the back pockets of turkey calling (and slaying) experts; Bone Collector Michael Waddell, Harold Knight, and Chris Parrish.


How To Use A Mouth Call


New 2017 Mouth Calls