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Knight and Hale to work with Michael Waddell

From the Outdoor Wire.

Knight & Hale® Game Calls, the legendary call maker led by industry pioneers Harold Knight and David Hale, are pleased to reintroduce the brand to the next generation of hunters through their newly minted partnership with Michael Waddell and the entire Bone Collector crew. 

As the call-making pioneers looked to reinvigorate the brand and introduce decades of innovation and knowledge to a new generation of hunters, they sought out a partner who could help drive the brand forward—but more importantly one who recognized and understood the history of Knight and Hale and would honor their legacy. At the top of that list of potential partnerships was Michael Waddell, who David and Harold have known since "he was a skinny little cameraman at Realtree."

Today, Knight and Hale is pleased to announce a strategic partnership between Knight and Hale and Michael Waddell's Bone Collector, which will extend well beyond product promotion—one that will impact product development, marketing and the long-term brand vision.

"Michael is as passionate about hunting as we are," states K&H co-founder Harold Knight. "And almost as good at calling," adds co-founder David Hale. "To find a person with that much knowledge to augment his passion is a very rare thing."

"David and Harold are more than just great call makers," states Bone Collector founder Michael Waddell. "They are true pioneers in the industry. As a scrawny kid from Booger Bottom, I didn't look up to these guys—I idolized them. They were chasin' thunder chickens before most people had even heard of them. They've been instrumental in the restoration of the turkey population throughout the country and have personally introduced thousands and thousands of people to our great tradition and lifestyle. I am truly humbled to even have the chance to work with such icons. Not only are the great callers, they are great people." 

"Michael and his partners truly understand the Southern whitetail and turkey markets that represent the core of Knight and Hale's loyal fan base," states Knight and Hale brand manager John Perry. "Their love for our hunting heritage is evident in everything they do, and we are confident that they will be instrumental in strengthening and growing this fan base, as well as our product offerings."

"Knight and Hale is committed to developing products that will help hunters achieve greater success in the field," stated Pradco Outdoor Brands Hunting Division VP Bart Stephens. "With a record number of new products for 2016, and a great new partner like the Bone Collector Crew to help spread the word and educate the next generation, we are confident that we will help deeply passionate hunters do just that."