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"Fake a Fight" with David Hale

Tips from the Pros | "Fake a Fight" with David Hale 

“Getting feathers ruffled and tempers flaring brings up another lethal tactic that can really pay huge dividends when gobblers are whipped and locked-down by the ladies. Strategically simulating a fight with your calling can coax an entire flock to your setup in a hurry! With this technique, I prefer to utilize aggressive calling sequences that include intense yelps, agitated cutts, and intense purrs. The Knight & Hale Ultimate Fighting Purr call sounds exactly like a serious backwoods feathered brawl has erupted, which brings curious turkeys in close on a string.

In order to add even more fighting realism to your setup, try violently scratching the leaves and beating a hat against your chest. You might even want to throw in some fired-up gobbles to mix things up just before the fight. If you have trouble reproducing a realistic sounding gobble, then you need to try the Hale-Fire Gobble Call. A few agitated gobbles will definitely be enough to make a nearby longbeards spurs tingle and snood shake! On a side note, you really need to be ready to take a quick shot with this technique, because the birds will often arrive to your setup on a dead run. In fact, this strategy works better, if you’re able to partner up and designate a shooter. The action can be fast and intense to say the least. This assertive and sneaky strategy has the potential to generate shot opportunities when nothing else in your bag of tricks will work." – David Hale