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Early Goose Season

Archery season is on the mind of many hunters; however, September’s early goose seasons are coming up and hunters are more than ready to unload some steel from the barrel of their favorite shotgun. Dove fields will be active soon but the waterfowl season begins a lot sooner for those that are able to take advantage of this hunting opportunity. Follow these simple tips to help you eliminate nuisance honkers.

SCOUTING: Weather patterns are warmer and the resident Canada geese tend to be settled into a customary roosting to feeding pattern. Location is very important. Oftentimes, Canada geese occupy the same fields over the course of several days.  The goal, when scouting in the early season, is to find out where the birds are going in the mornings and evenings as well as the dynamics of the particular flocks. This includes seeing how large each particular flock is. Hunting these Canada resident geese can be hit or miss and you don’t want to be left without any shooting opportunities.

DECOYS: Family flocks are a common occurrence this time of year; therefore, space decoys out in small flocks with ample space in between each. Open space between the decoys can be important when dealing with these small families of geese. The larger the flock, the larger the landing zone you will want to have. Also, pay attention to the details. It is always a good idea to step back and look at your spread.

CALLING: Control your excitement. You have been waiting all summer for this moment, but it is a good idea to hold off your calling until after you have examined how vocal the flock is. Do not start calling right away. Back off and keep it simple. This is not the time to break out your best calling. Soft, easy clucks and mild calling techniques are recommended this time of year. The juvenile geese have not yet heard the deep, specialized calling that should be saved for later in the season. The LONG NECK HONKER GOOSE CALL produces the low end vocalizations but also has the volume to be used in any situtation throughout the year. Other options include the MAGNUM CLUCKER and PIT BOSS GOOSE CLUCKER, which make creating those natural goose sounds easier. Make sure to use a call that you are comfotable with in order to increase your chances of success.

Additionally, utilize teamwork to keep from doubling up on the same birds and be sure to match your camo accordingly. Use shadows to help conceal your identity. Be prepared by packing bug spray, water, and Benadryl. This is usually the first opportunity of the year to go hunting, take advantage of it!