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Field Notes - Hunting Tactics - page 5

Winter Food Plot Maintenance

Attracting deer to your property year-round is the first step to a successful hunting season. Many hunters neglect food plots during the winter months, which allows deer to seek food and shelter in other places. Counteract this behavior by maintaining a food plot that produces a variety of winter plants. Densely covered thickets where deer seek warmth are the perfect place for new plots. Test the soil’s pH and fertility to determine if fertilizer and lime pellets are needed for greater yield. Till soil, plant seeds, then watch as deer make your land their home. For more winter food plot tips, read the full story at

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7 Secrets For Yearlong Success

Avid hunters know that opportunities for tagging impressive whitetail don’t come often. Bring deer to your property year-round to increase your chances of getting the big bucks during regular season. Deer seek water and food sources, so adding a watering hole and a variety of plants to your property is a good strategy for keeping them out of your neighbor’s yard. Create wooded sanctuaries where deer hide during weeks of intense hunting pressure—bucks will feel safe, and you’ll have an advantage over them. For more deer hunting tips, read the full story at         

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Colorado Bull Elk Hunt of a Lifetime

It took John Skrabo, our Vice President of Marketing, eight years to draw an archery elk tag in a limited unit in Colorado. "I knew it would be the hunt of a lifetime," said Skrabo, who has bowhunted elk in every western state except Arizona. Skrabo headed out in September to the Aspen forests of western Colorado to hunt with longtime friend, Jim Birchfield of South Carolina. John hunted with Jim's brother, Lynn, who is a savvy woodsman himself. The pair made a great combination with Skrabo's bugling and cow calling and Birchfield's knowledge of the country.

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Early Season Deer Secrets From The Experts

Hunting during early season presents many challenges, but using the right strategies can make this time of year fruitful for avid hunters. Picking the perfect tree stand location depends on knowing the paths deer take for food and water—making the Moultrie game camera an essential tool.  During the tepid early season, bucks seek refuge in well-covered areas, but often, they desire the cooler temperatures of hill tops. Easily funnel deer from these sanctuaries to your stand location by scouting the trails bucks follow, and you’ll soon enjoy great tasting venison before other hunters even get started.  For more early season deer secrets, read the full story at  

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Act Now to Ensure Fall Hunting Season Success

Fall is rapidly approaching, and soon you'll be in the tree stand, duck blind or hiking up a mountain in pursuit of a big bull and all will be right with the world. Here are some things you can do now to ensure success in a few months. Deer hunters can do the most during the summer and late summer to up their odds of success this fall. Now is the time to add a food plot to your lease or hunting land. Many deer hunters neglect to create a staging area for bucks. Staging areas are spots where bucks mill around prior to entering a food plot or feeding area.

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Turkey Hunting Tips with K&H Pro Staffer Jack Coad

Knight & Hale Pro Staffer Jack Coad of Buffalo, N.Y., loves turkey hunting. His passion and knowledge has earned him a place as a highly requested speaker at NWTF events and store promotions. He says that realism is key to calling in spring gobblers, and that dealing with the hunting situation is the next step.

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Three Tricks for Turkeys

It’s amazing that a bird with a brain the size of a green pea can frustrate so many hunters, but they do it for a livin’. Here are three tricks to think about the next time a gobbler gives you the slip. 
Most knowledgeable turkey hunters say that overcalling is the biggest mistake a hunter can make, but there are times when sounding like an all-out party is the way to go.

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Get Ready for the Rut

The first thing to learn about big whitetail bucks during the rut is that there are no hard and fast rules. Bucks that felt the pressure of archery hunters likely have changed their routines or become more nocturnal. Regardless, as the rut peaks big whitetail bucks become unpredictable as their focus moves from food to does.

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Three Predator Hunting Tips from Pro Tim Wells

Tim Wells is a Knight & Hale Pro Staffer who has hosted the television show Relentless Pursuits for the past nine years. He is a predator expert and offers these tips to help you in your predator hunting.

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Tips for Surviving and Thriving in the Backcountry

Preparing for the backcountry can be a daunting task.  If you live out West and are used to the thin air, steep mountains and miles of untouched wilderness, being prepared for the backcountry is easier for you than it is for eastern hunters who are heading West for the first time for an elk hunting trip.  In both situations, hunting off the beaten path can test a person's physical strength, mental toughness and drive to succeed at filling their tag. Over the years, I have watched plenty of hunters get excited about hunting at the tree line, only to watch their enthusiasm fade on day two or three of the hunt after they've only had a few encounters with game, are running low on food and running out of strength. The backcountry is a tough place to hunt, no matter how strong you are.

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