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Field Notes - Hunting Tactics - page 2

Turkey Hunting With Decoys 101

When used correctly, turkey decoys can attract a nice gobbler into range, tilting the odds for success in your favor, but if used in correctly, they can cause that same gobbler to head for the hills.

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Early Season Turkey Tactics

Early season can be feast or famine depending on whether you have an early or late spring. You will find turkeys in one of two phases.

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Preseason Scouting for Spring Turkey Hunting

As winter releases its grip, the time to do some valuable preseason scouting has arrived for spring turkey hunting.

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Turkey Vest Essentials

It can be really easy to bring too much or even leave out some vital items that can potentially make or break your turkey hunt. Here is a basic but essential must-pack list for your turkey vest that will have you more than ready for anything this spring. 

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Gobbler Guide

If you want to tag more gobblers this season, then learn to correctly identify these predictable turkey transitional phases and match your hunting strategies accordingly.

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Preseason Wildlife Management for Turkeys

Turkey season will be here before you know it, but there are some key land management chores to do right now. 

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Knight & Hale Introduces Dual Threat 2-in-1 Turkey Pot Call

Hit Toms Twice As Hard With The Dual Threat From Knight & Hale. Due to a flip-sided design that allows hunters to quickly change their call, sound and tone with minimal movement...

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Knight & Hale Brings Back The Ol’ Yeller

Back by popular demand and constructed with the original Ol’ Yeller calling surface that both diehard turkey hunters and fired-up gobblers fell in love with years ago, Knight & Hale Brings Back The Ol’ Yeller Classic Friction Call. 

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Knight and Hale to work with Michael Waddell

Knight & Hale® Game Calls, the legendary call maker led by industry pioneers Harold Knight and David Hale, are pleased to reintroduce the brand to the next generation of hunters through their newly minted partnership with Michael Waddell and the entire Bone Collector crew. 

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Best Game Camera Methods For Big Bucks According to Chris Parrish

Deer Season is a few short months away and for most hardcore hunters the warmer months are vital for gathering information from game cameras. The Online Staff at North American Whitetail recently asked Knight & Hale’s Chris Parrish - "What’s the best way to use trail cameras in trying to pattern trophy whitetails?" 

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