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Field Notes - Calling Tips - page 4

Chris Brackett's Tip From The Tree - Don't Make This Calling Mistake

Chris Bracket, Fear No Evil TV host, demonstrates how to use the Knight & Hale Da' Bone grunt call and shares some tips on calling in the field.

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Put The Duck In Your Duck Call

If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, well you know how the rest of the saying goes. This really hits home for hardcore duck fanatics that know how to quack the quack! The deadliest hunters in the blind know exactly how to sweet talk, convince and persuade ducks to fly right down their barrels. Here is calling expert Harold Knight’s take on how to translate and replicate a duck’s vocabulary.

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Grunt Call Tips

The one call that no serious deer hunter should ever leave at home during the fall is the old reliable grunt tube. Your grunt call is a highly-effective tool that can generate shot opportunities from opening day until the end of season. If you want to consistently shoot bigger and better bucks, then you definitely need to fine-tune your calling skills and learn to master the grunt call.  Here are some calling tips that will help keep you right in the middle of all the action this season.

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Decode Deer Language

Without question, there are so many different whitetail calls available today that things can get a little confusing. Hunters can choose from calls that simulate grunts, bleats, bawls, snort-wheezes, rattling and just about every deer vocalization known to man. The trick is learning to correctly diagnose the current whitetail transitional period and match your calls accordingly. Let’s take a look at some cutting-edge calling and hunting tactics that will enable you to coax more top-heavy monsters beneath your tree stand this season.

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