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Field Notes - Calling Tips - page 2

Different Arsenals For Different Days

No day is the same in the turkey woods. Just because your calling tactics worked for you one day doesn’t mean that they’ll work the next. While you can’t account for every single influence that may affect a gobbler’s behavior, you can adjust your calling to get the best results for the weather and breeding conditions.   

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Early Season Turkey Calling Tips

Early season gobblers can be moody. Make sure you know how to read his demeanor before yelping back. 

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Proper Prepping of Pot Calls

Thanks to its ease of use and realistic sounds, the pot call, also known as the friction call, is a favorite choice for both beginner and novice turkey hunters. Its ability to recreate a hen’s yelps, cuts, clucks and purrs makes it a must-have piece of equipment for the turkey woods.

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Switchblade 3-in-1 Turkey Box Call by Knight & Hale

Introducing the most versatile and diverse turkey call: The Switchblade™ to date. Turkey hunters often struggle to produce life-like inflection with a box call, which often leads them to use a box call only for locating turkeys and then switching calls to seal the deal.

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Coyote Calls for Every Season

Seasons give us some guidelines on when to make which predator calls, but with guidelines - just like rules in school – there's always a time to break them. But you've got to first learn the rules to know the right time to try something else. Here are just a few guidelines on when to make which type of predator calling sound when coyote hunting.

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Knight and Hale Unleashes The Echotech Pot Call Striker

Knight and Hale® Game Calls, a legendary call brand known for its dedication to creating calls that produce the most life-like wildlife sounds, introduces theEchotech™ pot call striker.

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The Arrowhead from Knight and Hale

Knight & Hale® Game Calls, the legendary call maker known for creating calls that produce the most life-like wildlife sounds, unleashes it’s most radical deer call: theArrowhead™.

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Knight and Hale Delivers The Natural Grunt Call

Knight & Hale® Game Calls, the legendary call maker known for creating calls that produce the most life-like wildlife sounds, delivers The Natural™ grunt call for die-hard whitetail hunters.

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October's Deadliest Calling Strategies

Utilize these custom-matched calling tactics to attack and exploit top-heavy bucks throughout the month of October.

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Fall vs Spring Turkey

While the gobble of a love sick tom can be some of the most exciting hunting of the year, many hunters choose to pursue our feathered friends during the fall turkey season! Worlld Champion caller and professional turkey hunter, Chris Parrish, is here to offer some expert advice about hunting Fall vs Spring Turkeys. 

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