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A Pot Call That's A Cut Above

Canyon Cutter

The acrylic advantage.

The acrylic call has become a fixture of the duck hunting community. Valued for its higher pitch and volume, hunters have accepted the greater cost associated with acrylic because they can hear its distinct advantages. They also know that the quality of the sound is consistent year after year. Acrylic shrugs off the detrimental effects of moisture in a way wood can’t. So the quality of the sound is the same years after first opening the package. The advantages of acrylic calls are something turkey hunters could appreciate just as well as duck hunters--if given the chance.

A call for collaboration.

Knight & Hale recognized the benefit of acrylic and spent a great deal of time researching how to integrate the material into their turkey calls. While at the same time, Nick Mundt of Bone Collector™ was also developing his own ideas for a friction call that could produce the kind of volume needed to penetrate a South Dakota wind and reach turkey at longer distances. The recent partnership between Knight & Hale and Bone Collector provided the chance for this ideal collaboration. Our engineers brought their production know how and Nick shared his extensive real-world experience. The result was the Canyon Cutter, a call utilizing an acrylic pot and an aluminum surface.

Producing performance.

Although it might seem fairly straightforward, the creation of an acrylic call is actually difficult to pull off, especially at a more affordable price point. There’s a good reason why acrylic duck calls cost what they do. The production required to bring out acrylic’s sonic capabilities is labor intensive. Acrylic has to be shaped on a lathe, just like a quality wooden pot call. Then to produce the smooth surface we’ve come to associate with acrylic takes a lot of polishing. The Canyon Cutter’s edge was designed to make it easier to hold, but created an additional production challenge with its concave shape. The final product has a striking black-on-black appearance with an anti-glare anodized black aluminum surface over a lustrous black acrylic pot. Just as Nick intended, the call speaks volumes to its quality. But more importantly, it speaks volumes to turkey.

Overcoming the production costs to produce an American-made acrylic pot call at a reasonable price was a major  accomplishment. Striking the right balance of premium materials and affordability was a challenge made a little easier by the years of experience Knight & Hale could pull from. The Canyon Cutter is a proud addition to our product line. And since he’s put his name on it, we know Nick’s happy with it as well.