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Turkey Box Call Silencer Strap

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SKU: KH789
The Knight & Hale Turkey Box Call Silencer Strap eliminates the worry of accidentally spooking your game with a squeak made at the wrong time.

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One errant sound is all it takes to ruin a turkey hunting trip. The first sound you make has to be a loud realistic compelling turkey call or you'll send those turkeys running. That's why you've invested in a high-quality turkey box call. They are the loudest and easiest-to-use of all the turkey calls. You just slide the lid across the surface of the box to create the hollow popping sound that is sometimes hard to distinguish from a real turkey.

The problem with a turkey box call is that it can be really easy to spook your game with a squeak made at the wrong time. Fortunately those mistakes can be a thing of the past with the new Knight & Hale Box Call Silencer Strap. Just wrap the strap around your turkey box call. It holds the lid securely in place. When you're ready to start turkey calling you simply remove the strap and you're ready to go turkey hunting.

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