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Single Reed Fawn Bleat

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Single Reed Fawn Bleat

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SKU: KHD1002-T
The Single Reed Fawn Bleat brings bucks & does during any season with mixtures of quiet and frantic bleats of a fawn.


Extremely easy to use and generating enough volume to draw in distant deer, Knight & Hale’s Single-Reed Fawn Bleat may be your single most crucial call. Effective during any season, not just the rut like other calls, the Single-Reed Fawn Bleat allows hunters to shift between loud, plaintive distress cries and beatific bleats as desired. Exploit the maternal instincts of does and the strong curiosity of mature bucks with this versatile 2-in-1 call.

  • Realistically reproduces the gentle, happy bleats of a calm fawn as well as loud distress cries
  • Compact and easy to use while generating volume great enough to reach distant dear 
  • 2-in-1 call preys on does’ parental instincts and territorial bucks’ curiosity to draw them in during any season 
  • Threadlock barrel design for easy disassembly 
  • Reed locks into place, allowing for “factory condition” reassembly
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