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Moon Howler Coyote Call

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SKU: KHP1007-T

Produce hair-raising howls, distress yelps and natural-sounding barks that will push even the most call-shy coyote over the edge.

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Coyotes can’t help but come running when they hear the convincing sounds of the ultra-loud, ultra-realistic Moon Howler from Knight & Hale. Compact and user-friendly, this precision-crafted coyote call is perfectly tuned to produce a full range of coyote vocalizations with ease.

  • Precision-crafted and tuned to deliver superior tones, unmatched volume and amazing pitch control 
  • Generates lifelike howls, yelps and barks that will fool the wariest of coyotes 
  • Innovative design is extremely compact and easy to use

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